Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Steampunk Ideas

Over the course of a day, we have ideas.  
They drift in and out of our minds.  
A light bulb goes off here.   
An epiphany occurs there.  
A little later, a moment of serendipity.  

Too often, we have that bit of insight, 
a brilliant idea for an art series, and then 
just as quickly, it's gone.

Last year, I participated in a course of study,
"The Artists Way".  One of the main tenets 
of the course is the daily writing of three pages, 
every morning, without fail.  

The course helps you excavate into your past.  
It  helps you look for those moments of 
past trauma that are echoing into the now, 
possibly blocking the flow of your creativity.

I loved the course as well as the other participants.  
I felt like I gained a lot of insight into my past
 as well as my current struggles with my creative self.

The course wrapped up last December and 
I have made a point of continuing my daily pages.

When I have an idea, I now have a place where it is 
recorded for later (I underline and star those bits!)  
A lot of it is gibberish, venting, and a staging place 
for my plans for the day, but the ideas 
that appear on my daily pages delight me.

They are a delightful series of little light bulbs going off! 
 I am trying very hard not to let them fly away!

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