Saturday, January 10, 2015

Another Happy Caturday!

Tonight seemed like the perfect time to share my new Caturday picture!  I realized that it was long past time to feature the lovely little head of our youngest kitten, Onyx, the Destroyer of Worlds.

He makes a singularly lovely Victorian girl!

It has been a weekend full of wonderful art and activity.

I've lived in Baton Rouge for several years but have only recently discovered how many wonderful things happen in this city.  

I never quite adjusted from my move from New Orleans.  I was always in love with the Crescent City and wasn't happy to move, but I am finally opening my eyes to the wonderful activities and locations in the capital city.

Last night, my daughter and I attended the fabulous Laurel Street Palooza.  It was a wonderful street party full of art and food and music.

Today, we attended the Photography exhibit at the Arts Council of Livingston Parish.  The council featured three mini seminars full of photography tips about equipment and software.

How could I have failed to notice a community brimming over with culture and art?

I think that wherever you find yourself, you should explore your community.  You may discover, like I have, that all around you wonder is happening.  Open yourself up to  it.

I am starting to fall for you, Baton Rouge.   What else do you have in store for me?

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