Thursday, September 24, 2015

Put away Childish Things

My malfunctioning tabula rasa, 
ready to be filled with editorial notes.
Some children are born to disappoint,
but a daily meal of criticism
filled even my thick skull 
until self hatred spilled out my blue orbs.
No more would fit.

My playmates and classmates were showered
with love for simply being.
I mirrored them, echoing,
but every action, backward, distorted
and wrong.  Or, so you told me.

Ten is too old for playthings.
My untouched dolls, eyes glassy with judgement,
lined dusty shelves.  Playtime was over.

My only escape from you, closed to me.
You locked the gate, sealing out the light.
Hoarding your miserly draconic love.
My inner drummer marched me cliff ward.

I learned to always choose the men
who loved by dismantling.
They knew all the songs
you ever sang to me.
I followed the piper. I danced, 
always getting the steps wrong.

I can never quiet your voice,
the siren in my ear,
the storm of your indifference
forever eroding the sand foundation
of my mirage of self.

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Green Silence

I was runner up to your queen.
You fulfilled all your obligations.
I languished as understudy.

I never learned to be true blue.
Green suited me better.

A black hole to your rising sun,
a whirling pit of negativity,
a weed in shadow
while your rose bloomed.

I lived on leftovers,
the queue of mediocrity,
the rejects, wannabes and never weres,
the Calibans longing for Miranda.

Wearing a leather jacket 
doesn't make you Joey Ramone.

Caliban learned to hate
what he could never possess.
Passion becomes poison
whispering in the dark.

Blue roses never bloom,
stunted in their growth.
My betrayal blossomed
in reptilian silence.
The greenery flourished.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Your heart trembled in my hands;
my eyes, blind.
The men were my mirror.
My self work so much
spilled semen on satin sheets.

You left your door open.  
I chose the window.
I thought he was my vision quest,
my knight in the sweat lodge.

He clanked in,
full of answers
to the wrong questions.

I left you; lost you;
your heart so much shrapnel 
beneath my hooves,
charging the wrong way.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Just Be

Everything you ever did wrong
you wanted to fix with me, 
your tweaked rerun.
The casting was all wrong.

A bean sprouted from disappointed dreams,
I went off script, losing 
the pink swirls, the tea parties,
and the porcelain dolls.

Your prototype miscarried 
into gothic horror,
tarot card spreads and spirits
calling from the darkness.

My wings didn't sprout.
The tiara never fit.
My shields failed.

Layers of masks;
the paint is peeling.
Alterations and cuts,
the skin doesn't fit.

I struggle to breathe; to cut;
I'm corseted into the wrong role,
robed as an ill favored caricature.

I'm shedding your skin
into something reptilian and sleek.
Dropping the masks,
I still won't wear pink

Friday, September 11, 2015

Friendship is War

I loved a Botticelli artist,
Medici nosed and sewer deep.
You took him.

Cutting cheekbones
your heavy arsenal.
Victory was inevitable.

Scalps lined your shelves
from Joe Punk
to Evil Personified.

Friendship is war.

We were dolls to be broken
and dropped.

Stand on the pile,
your battle plans to self esteem.


I judged your profile,
forgetting Lord Byron was a bastard.

You were a garret in Paris,
a moth in the darkness.

I brought my black bag,
brimming with legs and breasts.
I couldn't cure you.
The infection was too ingrained.

Your pretty words
turned my head 360.
Your hook was barbed.
I swallowed.

The fight was pitiful.
You cut the line,

leaving me numb,
among the splatter,
my faith torn,
my feet shredded,
your cock broken.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Winged Alice and the Keyblade of Doom

Your cigarette blown words
lodge firmly in my back.

Losing a toe or three 
keeps me swaying on the beam.

My fluted mouth stiffens.
I drop more than my shirt 
in the parading maze of dazed revelers
sweating in the Carnival swelter.

Twinned but not;
best friend for never.
Dissected from skin to bone.
The stripes on my pants are all wrong.

The paper mache grizzly,
the Army green ginger,
neither fits.
Your German blonde elevates you
to the balcony scene.

Keeping my mask carefully blank,
I fall into beta position.

In the garbage piled streets,
no one wants to vomit alone.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another Brick in the Wall

You muzzled me, 
taking the key away.

I waited for my carrot. 
Sticks followed stones.

They poked me.  
They jeered 
but I believed.

If I was just good 
for long enough.

I stayed mute; 
my hands empty, 
eyes ahead.

I pretended not to see 
candy falling into the hands
of the rebels, the misfits, 
and the artists.

I applied for your approval,
selected my Waldo moment.
I stayed the course you set.
My rat for your cheese.
My obedience in triplicate.

You stamped me; 
rewards delayed.

I misunderstood 
what I was playing for.

The rule book is faulty.
Only the dead reap the prize.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Do You Mind

My nemesis gyrates to her own spiteful tune, 
placing the soundtrack on replay.
The film runs on endless reels.

She pops my joy balloon,
my present to myself.

She wakes me, sweating,
to a distorted future crone,
eating fast food ketchup for sustenance.

Our reality extends to large vistas 
of past pain and future brimstone.

She dances to my pain,
relighting like a phoenix
what cannot be erased.

I need treatment.
Bring on your electrodes.
Incise into my skull.
Let the flagellation cease.
Pierce my demon heart
and grant me amnesiac peace.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


You were older, stronger, meaner,
powered up, and ready.

I spawned into existence,
stealing love,
taking undivided attention
from your player status.

Your hate one uped 
battle ready.

An apple from a narcissist tree,
seeking power like addicts
chase the dragon.
The game was a mismatch.

Your griefer evolution
spiraled up,
level by level.

Leaving me to fall,
hitbox draining,
condition loss,
without a hope of starting over,
my status stalled,
Character in permadeath.