Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week in Review 8-11-2013

No, your blogger notifications are not off.  I am way behind in updating my blog.

My excuse is that I have been juggling a lot of balls of late and I dropped the blog ball.

So, here I am, trying to play catch up.

On the 7th of August, I took some of my work over to the Depot Gallery in Gonzalez, LA 
on Hwy 30 and hung up my pieces on my designated wall.

We're supposed to be getting bins for prints but they aren't ready yet 
so the bottom of my space looks a little empty.

I put my pieces up and then took them down about twenty times.

It is surprisingly hard to space stuff with your eyeballs and stay within your lines.

I also waited too long to start organizing everything for school.

I homeschool my seven year old and my nine year old son so I started going 
through the books that I already owned and figuring out what I needed.

I order most of my curriculum via Amazon so a lot of it I received 
in two days (prime shipping is the best thing ever!)   
I need our workbooks to be new, but everything else I will generally 
buy a good used copy (it saves a lot of money!)
Unfortunately, most of the used books need to be mailed 
via media mail so it adds a few weeks to the delivery time.

So, lesson here is that procrastination means that your children will only 
have their subjects when you start school in the fall....

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