Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Orphans Boys of Lafayette - Square and Circle 3Muses Challenge

The Three Muses Challenge this week was geometric - circles and squares.

I started with a photo I took in Lafayette Cemetery in the Garden District.

In New Orleans, the dead never really leave us.  We can go and visit.  
They like it when you bring them gifts.

Every time I have been to this particular tomb, someone has always left
 little presents for the orphan boys - usually some sort of plastic toys or stuffed animals.  
The day I took this image, someone had left this bright and cheerful balloon 
as well as the usual assortment of Mardi Gras beads and little toys.

I like to think that after everyone leaves for the day (the gates are locked promptly at 5 pm), 
the orphan boys come out and enjoy their new toys!


  1. What an imagination you have...this is a very interesting and unique take on the challenge...great job.

  2. Beautiful art piece but sad as well. Excellent creativity.

  3. Love this, Lou, it has a touch of the macabre about it, very creative!

  4. Great story and kinda poetic joyful vision of the inevitable death.

  5. love your creation and the story around!

  6. What a fascinating collage! The tomb is amazing.

  7. What a brilliant imagination, Lou. I really love this.