Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Steampunkopus - 3Muses Challenge

The challenge this week from the Three Muses was Steampunk.

When I think steampunk, my first thought is always octopus.  I realize that may 
just be me, but that is were my mind goes.

I started with a gorgeous vintage picture of a girl and her dog.  
I added color and did some damage control to the image.
Initially, I intended to add some goggles or some cogs but I really liked her as is.

I added a landscape from wikipedia commons and then went through my octopus and squid images.

What is it about about our underwater friends that sometimes has a purely alien look to them?

I had some tentacle fun and added some more water creature details into the sky.

To a purist, I may have missed the steampunk mark, but I liked 
my final result so here is my version of Steampunk Octopus.


  1. You certainly didn't miss the mark. Octopi are definitely part of steampunk thanks to Jules Vernes. I love that you made it green. :-)

  2. I adore this unique and awesome one Lou!

  3. I'm loving this. Ooh! Those tentacles are everywhere.