Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Gator Cycle

Amazing how a single word can send your mind spinning down strange avenues...

I couldn't help but think of the very pink house that I saw a few weeks ago near the edge of the French Quarter.  The one thought I had upon raising the camera was that I didn't know if I had ever seen a house so very pink.

The rest just fell into place.  I've always loved the Victorian ventricle horses and I had just tinkered with a gator so marrying the two into one simply made sense.  

Ride, little girl, ride!  

To the ends of your imagination and beyond!


  1. Great idea to use this pink house in your collage. I love this crocodile-bike
    I love also to combine own fotos in my digital collages... Ulrike

  2. I NEED that bike. it's a wonderful collage.

  3. A great pink and a wonderful inventive collage!

  4. I grow up across the street from a lady who painted her house pink and black. It drove my parents crazy but I always admired her for being quirky. I never saw her riding a crocobike - that's a special kind of quirky! Such a fun piece:)

  5. This makes my day, I love it!