Thursday, May 14, 2015

Some Doors are Better Left Shut

I finished another piece in my French Quarter character series.

Some doors are better left shut!

It was fun to make use of two different photographic series: the ones I took just a few weeks ago in the French Quarter and an image I took a few weeks before that during a tour I took of Lafayette Cemetery with my sister.

I gave the young Civil War era miss one of my folk art Voodoo Goblins to carry and I tucked my recurring character, the Quarter Cat, half in and half out of the door.

The Quarter Cat likes to make an appearance when our world blends briefly with another, something darker, something a little otherworldly

Hopefully, our young miss will chose not to cross the threshold into the darker world.  I cannot think that is a world that she is quite ready for!

I love the theory that we are living in an almost endless universe, with thousands and thousands of similar universes stacked one against another.  Perhaps a door opens between our universe and one of the many others.  Sort of makes everyday life a little more exciting.

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