Friday, March 13, 2015

The Wheel Turns - Happy Friday 13th!

My Tarot Card project is progressing nicely.  

In case you missed my recent blog post, I think connections are important.  To know who we are, it helps to know where we've been, or where we come from.

In exploring the Tarot deck, I can connect with the Romany part of my family past.

I love the sense of connection going back through the generations of all the women who came before me.  My grandmother and great-grandmother supplanted the money they made at their boarding house by telling fortunes and helping out with the odd bit of  spell work.

I love holding  a deck in my hand and feeling that sweet mystical thrill down my spine.

A shuffle of the cards and the fates arrange and re-arrange themselves for my perusal.

What influences are at work in the greater world?

The Wheel card has been much on mind the past few days.

The Wheel of Fortune sometimes turns in  your favor.  Sometimes, it does not.

The Fool has set out on his (or her) journey to gain wisdom and find enlightenment.  

By the Wheel of Fortune Card, he has realized that the Universe will not always make his path easy.  Sometimes Fortuna throws obstacles in his way.

If you truly wish to find Enlightenment and follow your chosen path, you have to deal with the ups and downs of life.

Last Saturday morning I was keenly disappointed to miss my art market because of an unkind spin of the Wheel, but that night, Chez Fab opened with some of my pieces on display.  I had a wonderful time, met fantastic people, and loved being able to talk about my favorite obsession, art!

The Wheel spins.  

Are you ready for it?

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