Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Hanged Man - the Tarot Series

My original intention was to work on my Tarot series 
in order from card one to card 21.

The Major Arcana represents the journey of the Fool (Card 0) as he gains knowledge, step by step, card by card, until he reaches the end of his journey and, hopefully, Enlightenment.

The Fool is anyone and everyone.  
He knows nothing and is content in his ignorance.  
He is the blissful infant.

Inevitably, that state of perfect innocence must end.  
The Fool must go out into the world.
The Fool begins his journey.

Card One - The Magician represents the physical world.  

The Magician manifests a control of the world around us.  

Card Two - The High Priestess represents the beginning of spiritual knowledge.  
She is the maiden.  She is purity.

And, then,  I stopped creating the cards in numerical order.    
The journey of the Fool is not so different.  
He meanders.  
He doesn't learn each lesson in a perfect sequence.
The world is not so orderly.

I next went to the Wheel of Fortune.  
No matter where you are on your spiritual quest, 
the Wheel can turn against you.

On our journey, we must accept that
we cannot predict the future.
The path may not be smooth.

Which brought me to the Hanged Man.

The Hanged man represents a pause
on your journey.

Sometimes we need to stop and reflect.
Don't abandon what you have so far achieved,
but don't rush on.

You have not fallen behind.
Take your time.

Sometimes we need to just stop.

Remember: it really is just about the journey.

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