Monday, January 20, 2014

Gallery Shuffle! Weekend at the Depot Gallery!

It's brand new year and time for the annual shuffling of the wall spaces at the Depot Gallery in Gonzales, Louisiana.

The Depot Gallery just recently opened in September so it was sort of exciting to go in and hope to get a lucky number!

In September, I drew the number 14 and this is what my wall space looked like on the day I moved in.

I opted for smaller pieces with rather unusual framing.  

So, this time I decided to try something different.  With my efficient daughter in tow, we went over to the gallery on the first day of the shuffle.  My daughter drew my number for the coming year (number 14, AGAIN!).

Still, I pulled down my old display and we completely re-hung.

We've got the whole covered and moved my bin box of prints back in.  To give an idea of the state of the gallery mid-shuffle, I did a 360 shoot.

The first corner section is nicely filled with paintings by LJ Myers, Kathy Boudreaux has some amazing fabric art, Betty Marks has beautiful painted pieces and one of our photographers has some spectacular pieces.

The next corner is looking a little empty, but hopefully our artists will come in with their pieces soon!

Here is our final stretch of wall.  Still some empty spaces but it is coming along nicely!

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