Saturday, January 25, 2014

Family Adventures in the Glamor of Bowling

Ah, bowling, it's all about the glamor.  Well, the glamor and the shoes.

Also, the food.  The delicious, greasy, cardboard flavored pizza.  So really, the glamor, the shoes and the food.

Silly me.  I am forgetting the athletic challenge.  The panther like prowess with which one must approach the  lane while wearing the glamorous shoes of the bowling clown.

Also, competition, it's all about the sense of competition and the desire to achieve excellence.
Really, bowling is all about the excellence,.

Now that we've established how truly awesome bowling is, let me explain how it is a family adventure.  The weather channel predicted that the weather for the whole week would be either cold or rainy so instead of a truly epic outdoor adventure, we decided on an exciting indoor activity; thus, bowling.

Of course, as you can see from the clothing choices of the family, the weather ended up being about 70 degrees, but we went ahead with our initial plans.

The excitement begins with attention rapt on the scores of their competitors.

Again, and again, the fierce competitors chose their weapon and made their attack.

Each competitor is so focused, so determined.

Throw after mighty throw, never faltering...

 Finally, the glamor of final victory!

(We played two games.  I won the first and my daughter won the second, but I was most thrilled to have broken 100 in the second game.  Overall, we are not impressive bowlers, at all!)

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