Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week in Review 7-28-2013

 I have had a busy and productive week.

I went to the Depot Gallery on Monday with my art piece for the front gallery 
and drew a number for my wall space.

I spent some time working on cleaning the mess off of a few of my ball jointed dolls.  The task is a lot less tedious if you work on it while watching "Sharktopus".  (I have a weakness for really bad creature features).  It was laughably bad which, of course, is why it was so wonderful.

I framed some of my pieces for my gallery wall space and determined that I need more frames and to choose more pieces to fill the whole space.  

I also purchased an electric screwdriver (a low end drill) to make mounting the frames easier.  I browsed in the hardware section for what I wanted.  Black and Decker had TWO electric screwdrivers.  The first was a basic one in black and red  ($19.95) but without any drill bits. A pack of basic drill bits has to be bought separately ($2.50).

The second Black and Decker screwdriver was "for Women".  It did come with some basic drill bits and it was colored in shades of pink and mauve.  The major difference seemed to be the price - $34.95.  

Doesn't that seem a little patronizing?  Why do companies feel 
they need to make special products just for women?  

Granted, my late husband had purchased a large fancy drill but I find it awkward and cumbersome to use. This is why I was buying the smaller electric screwdriver.  Making an identical product, changing the color and charging an extra $12?  Was that really necessary Black and Decker?  I may be female, but I think I can manage to use a black and red product if it saves me $12.  
(End rant).

I was disappointed to miss my craft meet up this week as I ended up watching a house full of other people's children.  I didn't mind helping out my relatives, but I was sad to miss the last craft meet of the summer.  They even went on a field trip this week.  :(

I also finally touched base with my Spoonflower fabric shop.

I made a few designs last April but haven't tinkered with any of it since then.  I do enjoy playing with my digital art so I put one design together for an upcoming competition and plan on doing so on a more regular basis.  

The theme is "Firefly" inspired. 

I don't believe that it's an award winner but I think it came out rather cute.

I've been feeling a little more inspired with my beading.  
I use to favor mostly symmetrical designs that ended near the cleavage line, but
more recently, I find that I suddenly want to make longer pieces
with a more dramatic, asymmetrical look.

I finished up six sets over the past week.

These are all one of a kind and will be available at the next art market I vend.
(Mechacon in August in New Orleans)

If you are interested, please feel free to email me.

It also occurs to  me that summer is drawing near an end.
It will be time to start back to school work soon.

Not long after, the seasons will change and the weather will begin to cool.

I am looking forward to cooler days!

I will check back in in a few days.  

In the meantime, drink lots of fluids and try to stay out of the worst of the summer heat!

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