Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Half New Year!

Hello, Blogger Friends, we are officially, more or less, half way through 2013.  Are you still on track with your resolutions?

I am sorry to say that I have wandered far from mine.

My work space is still more organized than messy, but I haven't kept to my schedule of one designated activity per day.  As you may also have noticed, I have not been keeping up a regular blogging schedule.

It's time to re-boot and get back on track to finish 2013 stronger than before.

I've taken a bit of an hiatus from craft shows as I am dedicating some time to re-tooling my etsy shops.

I am making good progress with my Tie Tack and Cuff link store (AlteredEtc) and my primary etsy shop, CalliopesWork, is also getting an overhaul.  I am replacing the wood pieces with all metal jewelry so if you were interested in some wood jewelry, you shouldn't wait as when they are gone, I will no longer be making them.

My ProjectBunny shop is finally being filled with my original mixed media art.  Pendants and magnets are still available in special listings.

I have also started filling VoodooGoblin with actual Voodoo Goblin dolls and art prints so I've accomplished at least a few things from my New Year Resolution list.

My one untouched etsy store is QuotedArt.  Etsy has started allowing for Multi Variations with each listing so I have decided that at the beginning of 2014, I will be completely re-doing QuotedArt and adding a lot of new designs and inventory.

I have also followed through on my resolution to become more socially active.  I am participating in both a journaling group as well as a book club.  I even enjoyed a doll club so I am certainly trying not to be a hermit as is my natural inclination.

So, my general schedule for the week will be BJD Tuesday,  VoodooGoblin Wednesday and New Jewelry Friday.  I need to build up my stock of satin cords so I will set a weekend goal of twenty new satin cords with silver findings and two new cords with gold findings in each color.

I want to blog a minimum of three times a week, including a Week in Review post on Sundays.

Whew.  Enough chatter.  I hope the second half of your 2013 is even better than the first half!

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