Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week in Review 07-21-2013

I do need to make an effort to increase my numbers of post in a given week.

The past week has been a busy one.  I took the kids out for bowling (we have free bowling tickets!).  We also took advantage of a pizza special they were offering.  (Advice: don't order pizza in a bowling alley.  Worse pizza ever!)

I had another craft meet up.  We've been meeting every Thursday over the summer and I noticed a lack of craft energy this past week.  No one seemed to really want to work on anything.  Craft energies were at an all time low.  Next week is our last summer craft meet so I am a little sad.  It was a nice social activity.

I had my monthly book club meeting.  Up to now, I hadn't really liked any of the books we've read even when the rest of the club was in raptures.  This past week, I was the only one that even liked the book.  Half of the book was down in flash books to a famous unsolved murder spree in the midst of the Great Depression.  (I am a major enthusiast for old murder mysteries.  Never get me started on the Jack the Ripper case or the Lizzie Borden axe murders).  The heroine of the novel was a little annoying and pre-disposed to taking stupid risks but I liked this book and it felt strange to be the only one who did.

Still, it's a genre that I don't usually read and this is my first book club.  I figure it's a process.  We are reading a Nevada Barr mystery this month and I really like her books so I am a little more upbeat about the next meeting.

I took a deep breath and worked my first art market in almost four months.  I spent several days organizing my items for sale as well as my display items.  I struggled for about an hour on Friday afternoon with my daughter trying to figure out how to set up my new tent.  (Hint: it does not set up in seconds but it is a lovely huge tent with plenty of head clearance!)

Bright and early on Saturday morning, we headed out to Houma's House for the monthly Art Gumbo market.

When we arrived, we were warmly greeted and urged to find a place in the shade to set up.   (the new tent stayed in the car).  Considering that it is summer in Louisiana, it wasn't as hot as I feared.  Only four other vendors showed up which apparently isn't typical but I suspect the heat scared them off.  Customers were sparse, but my percentage rate of sales to browsers was quite good.  :)

Our set up looks a little crazy as we kept moving the tables and the racks to stay in the shade as the sun moved across the sky.

I fully intend to head back in September when the heat won't be as intense.

I also have to admit to a certain nervousness as this is the first time I brought along a larger selection of my art prints.  I can't draw.  I can't paint.  I've had no proper art training, but I enjoy my mixed media art experiments and have had a mostly positive reaction to them.  

Still, when I trot them out in public, I feel more than a little self conscious and nervous.  None of of the browsers laughed and pointed so I suppose public ridicule, at least, isn't to follow when I bring along my prints.

I did manage to make one new set of jewelry but most of the week was eaten up in organizational fervor.

The necklace is crafted in antiqued brass with magnestite beading about 22 inches in total length.  It will be available at my next craft show but I don't list the OOAK pieces in my etsy shop so please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Which gets us finally, to Sunday.  I spent the morning finishing up the orders for tomorrows mail.  I also spent a few hours on new listings.  I am still in the process of updating four of etsy shops so the task seems endless.  I do a little almost every day and wish I could possess the speed of the rabbit as well as the tenacity of the tortoise.

So, here ends my week. I hope your upcoming week will be as productive and pleasant as possible!

Please turn down the air conditioning on your way out.  The weather is sweltering in here!

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  1. The obvious question is WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? My goodness, you are a busy lady. Love your blog, your stories, a chance to see your OUTPUT (artistically that is). You must be a human dynamo. Fabulous.