Friday, April 17, 2015

Welcome back to the Freak Show

I had so much fun with Mermaid Girl, the Bearded Lady, Lobster Boy and my Inseparable twins so I decided to add a few more to the Side Show family.

Who would be a more perfect addition than someone very tall and someone very small?  It's a talent that young Alice comes by almost honestly!

My time for art work has been a little scarce the last couple of weeks.  I spent a delightful weekend in New Orleans with my mother, my brilliant younger sister and her husband.   We explored all the classic tourist attractions of New Orleans, from a tour of Lafayette Cemetery and the Garden District to a cruise on a steamship, and the delights of the French Quarter.

As much as I've come to love Baton Rouge, I will always miss New Orleans. 

My mother stayed on for another week and we explored the charms of the Baton Rouge area, from Houmas House to the Laura Plantation to the Rural Life Museum of LSU.  

Now that she is gone, the house seems almost quiet, despite my four children and too many cats.  

Due to the endless spring rain, I missed out on a few markets this month but I am really hoping it will be clear enough tomorrow night for the N the Art Spot Spring Fest.  I will have a canopy full of surrealistic fun if you can dodge the raindrops and come by!

And I've managed to find some time to work on some new art pieces.  Say hello to Alice and Alice.  After all, there is always time to stop by the Freak Show and visit with all my friends!

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