Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Watch it Burn

The beginning of February and another cold, grey day.  
Winter feels endless.

What is the sane response to the rainy misery of winter?

I feel a streak of despondency, a touch of despair.  
Will there ever be another beautifully 
blue day with warm breezes?

The ground is muddy and the landscape is 
an endless mirage of brown leafless sticks.  
I feel a little more disgruntled, a little less sad.

Should I crawl into a soft warm bed and wrap myself 
in cozy, comfy blankets until the spring arrives?

Should I stomp around the house and spread 
my general ire at the world?

I chose the saner method and expressed 
my inner discontent.

What sort of redhead dresses herself to the nines 
and stands back while the world burns?

An irritable, petulant redhead who is 
tired of grey winter days!

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