Thursday, June 12, 2014

Freedom Blooms

Time has been in short supply this week so my ability to log any art time has been far too short.

My children are in art camp so I've spent most of my past week there.

I have a pile of prints that need to be matted for my next art market.

I have my steady stream of orders to make and fill.

Finally, we have a scheduled meet of the Renaissance players on Saturday.

My poor blooming fellow!  I suppose it's a wonder that he was finished at all.

This is one of those pieces where all I knew going in that was that I wanted a goldfish bowl where his head should be and his head where the goldfish bowl would be.  Everything else remained to be seen.

I added details, like walls and cranes.  None of them worked.  I tried bars in front.  Bars behind.

I added a keyhole in front; a keyhole behind.  There is something about the intrigue and mystery of a key and a lock that always tempts me.

After tinkering and moving, tinkering and moving, several days later, it finally came together!

Which side is real freedom?

Don't fret, my friend, you have the key if you know where to look!

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