Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Octo-balloon - 3Muses Transportation Challenge

I've been absent from the weekly blog challenge 
for several weeks but am glad to be back!

My balloon octopus came out a bit more 
like a strange space ship octopus, 
but it is serving as transportation
 for an unfortunate rococo lady.

Like the Tardis, the interior of the octopus 
seems to be a great deal larger than the outside.

In fact, it seems to be the portal 
to another completely different
world of ice!


  1. I'm smiling at the idea of travelling the world by Octopus!! I love the lady behind the porthole. Great work.

  2. Bravo three cheers for your imagination...you rock!

  3. An incredible and magic world inhabit your wonderful mind Lou!
    And I looooove it! :)

  4. Ah-ha! What a fascinating way to travel! I'd give it a try! Great collage!


  5. A fantastic way to travel! So weird and wonderful! I love it! xx

  6. I've always loved bigger on the inside! I don't think I want to be in an octopus, though. Fun collage!