Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Big Bad meets the Three - 3Muses Challenge

I admit that I am a little torn here.

On the one hand, I would really hate for anything
to happen to such adorable little girls.

On the other hand, it is three versus one.

I think our Big Bad might be
a little over-matched on this one.

(Also, wolves are endangered!)
Mr Lumberjack and his axe are NOT ok!

The Three Muses challenge this week was all about the power of Three.

As soon as I saw these little Victorian girls, I knew I had found my three.
The wolf is courtesy of the US Parks and Wildlife and the pretty treescape is a public domain image from Wikimedia Commons.


  1. A charming threesome, who seem totally unaware of the "wolf at the door"! He, on the other hand, seems to have another prey in mind. Thank heaven! Thanks for your support of our challenge, Lou!

  2. I'm glad that pesky wolf is looking at something else entirely. Run girls!

  3. I hope they have the 'power' to run, Lou, stellar piece!

  4. What fun little girls! I do believe they will give that wolf a run for the money.

  5. This is hilarious I adore that red hair...great job Lou.

  6. oh this is so cute the three redheads. Charm, charm. Like the big bad wolve in back Lou..