Sunday, October 13, 2013

I LOVE Halloween - TAW Challenge

Our challenge this week from Take a Word blogspot was Halloween.

I started with a photo that I had taken of Lafayette Cemetery in New Orleans.

I made up this piece but the more I looked at it, the more it felt like two separate pieces.

It seemed as if the two halves don't really belong together or that 
the Victorian bat girl is too far from the Halloween tomb.  
She seems so beautifully framed in the middle of the 
walkway so I hated to try to scoot her closer.

So I decided to break the first artwork into two pieces.

I left the bat girl intact in her walkway, ready to fly up and create Halloween havoc.

I added some elements to my Halloween tomb.

I went back and forth with my tomb poem, finally deciding on a quote from 
Samuel Coleridge's Kubla Khan.  It seemed suitably romantic and eerie.


  1. This is very creative your Halloween entries. Your quote you did was well thought out.

    Well done. You explain your thoughts in doing it. Thank you.

    This was a task entry I found to be very not difficult but it needed some thought for myself as how I wanted to work things in of Halloween.

    I am not really a eerie word blogger so much thought for me had to be done to make it so called eerie.. .

    I will get over to my blog for my entry .

  2. Love the bat girl all by herself, very creepy and her eyes are quite scary, Lou, perfect creepy pieces!

  3. Really a creepy work, the girl is so imressive, great Halloween scenery.
    Big hugs Anja

  4. It turned out as 3 beautiful works Lou! very creepy! Hugs xx

  5. I agree the piece is more effective split into two. Batgirl is so perfect in the walkway she needs to be the focus. Lovely work!!

  6. Absolutely fabulous creepiness Lou...awesome work.

  7. Those girls are both so creepy--nothing like a child with dead eyes to scare the (insert word here) out of you!

  8. I too love Halloween and your art is deliciously creepy! So well done!

  9. Delightfully creep and wonderful.