Friday, June 12, 2015

Much Ado In Baton Rouge

I've been having a lot of fun the past few weeks creating some gorgeous ladies a la Dias de la Muerte (Day of the Dead).  Instead of using the more traditional roses, I thought it would be fun to work in some antique Haeckel shapes from under the sea.

My time in my art studio has been very limited in the past few weeks.  I volunteered at my art association's summer art camp last week and then spent the weekend at the NOLA Time Fest in New Orleans.  What I have been really been longing for is a day off.

However, last Friday night, I heard about an exciting new development in the Baton Rouge art scene and it drove all thoughts of doing nothing right out of my head.

Talented artist, Michelle Elder, has been extremely busy at 524 North Foster Street helping to renovate the former Southside Motors building into an exciting new art cooperative in the heart of Baton Rouge's arts district!

The venue will feature ongoing events with local musicians and performers as well as art exhibitions AND the building features studio bays which can be rented out by local artists and craftspeople.

I am absolutely thrilled to be included n the preview party tonight!

I really just started a serious foray into the arts world about a year ago.  I took the Artist as Entrepreneur course through the Arts Council of Baton Rouge.   It really opened my eyes to how the art world works.

I learned about juried art markets and art exhibitions.   I applied to two immediately and was ecstatic to be accepted into Art Melt and then receive an Honorable Mention at the September Competition at the Alexandria Museum of Art.

Exciting, absolutely, but what happens next?

Apparently, group shows are the next stage if you're interested in pursuing a serious art career.

Beautiful synchronicity at work, I met Cindy Wunderbar who was creating an urban art house, Chez Fab, to host art exhibitions as well as a venue for performers and musicians.

I was thrilled to participate in Chez Fab's first group show as well as in their "BRothers We Love" show.

And, then, last week, I heard about Studio 524 and the upcoming preview show and party.

Another group show.  Another amazing venue.  Halfway through 2015 and I am absolutely delighted to watch as life continues to beautifully unfold before me!

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