Sunday, December 28, 2014

Foxy Lady

Like many artists, I love to explore different crafts and ideas.  I dabble with beading as well as folk art dolls.  I thoroughly enjoy my complex, multi layer art pieces, but they can take days and weeks to finish.  I tinker and move pieces, think of ideas, and try not to get frustrated with a work in progress.

Sometimes, it's nice to just play; to take a Victorian or medieval portrait and just alter it in a whimsical way.  

I love the connection I feel when someone approaches my more in depth work and finds something meaningful to themselves or to their lives.   I derive a great deal of my sense of purpose from moments like those.  I feel like there is a reason why I make art; why I want to pursue the uncertain life of an artist.

Sometimes, though, it''s just about a piece that makes the viewer smile.

My Animal Folk pieces are just that: pieces of whimsy designed to evoke a smile.

The women of Ziegfeld follies were glamorous, dangerous, and wonderfully playful.  My foxy lady is all those things, with a deliciously hungry edge!

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