Saturday, February 8, 2014

Family Adventures of a rather limited sort

I live in southern Louisiana which usually means that the best time to plan out of door adventures is in the winter months of January and February.  Our average temperatures are usually in the mid-60s.

This year has been different.

I've always lived in the south and have a very difficult time envisioning daily snow and sleet.  I've never had to check for freezing temperatures and fear frozen pipes so many times in a single season.

That brings us to our rather lame adventures.  Last time, I brought you bowling.  This time, I present family games at a local pizza place.

The kids loved it, but it scarcely counts to me as an adventure.

There were games and tickets.  The pizza was greasy.  The noise level was off the charts.

But, they all had fun.  Ages 7 to 18, managed to interact at a single place and have a good time.

Being together and enjoying each other is really the point of a family 
so I'll take it as a win even if adventure was not to be found, at least,
not today....

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