Sunday, September 15, 2013

Showbiz - Take a Word Challenge

This weeks challenge over at Take a Word was Showbiz.

I've always had a weakness for the original Vamp, Theda Bara.

Checking my posting list, I can't believe that it's been fifteen days since I responded to a challenged or posted.  My schedule has been unusually packed but I missed this so much.

I'm glad to have had time to fit a piece in!
Creativity is always a joy.


  1. Perfect showbusiness!!
    a halloween extraveganza!

  2. WOW what a glorious idea, love the outlandish performance.
    Hugs Anja

  3. She definitely was the original vamp! Superb! xx

  4. Yes, the original vamp ... though somewhat scary in this illustration. Fabulous work and glad you found time to create.

  5. This is beautiful and hilarious great work love the dark atmosphere....welcome back I missed you.